Matthew Yeaton Photography | FAQs

We believe that every wedding tells a story, each one as unique and beautiful as the couples themselves.  To fully capture your wedding story, here are a few things to consider:

 { 1 } When does your photographic coverage begin?

We love capturing your special moments!  In order to tell the complete story of your BIG day, we prefer to begin with the bridal party getting ready.

{ 2 } When does your coverage end?

Our typical wedding day coverage lasts 8 hours, which allows us to capture everything from the flurry of the bridal party preparing for the day to the crazy antics of the groomsmen on the dance floor, and all the important memories in between.

{ 3 } How much time do you need for the formal pictures in between the ceremony and reception?

We prefer a minimum of one hour to ensure that we capture the large family shots down to your first pictures as husband and wife.  We also find that the day goes much smoother if we are able to photograph the wedding party prior to the ceremony.  This does not mean that you have to see each other before the ceremony unless, of course, you would like to do a First Look session.

{ 4 } What is a First Look session?

If you are willing to try something non-traditional, the First Look session can be a romantic and intimate way to steal a quiet moment together before you become husband and wife.  This special session is reserved just for the two of you and always results in amazing memories.

{ 5 } How many images will we receive from our wedding day?

A typical 8-hour wedding day will result in you receiving approximately 600-800 images.

{ 6 } Will we receive the digital images from our wedding day?

Yes.  Each of our wedding packages include the digital images.  We will also provide a reprint rights letter which will enable you to have prints made at the lab of your choice.  Please ask for our lab recommendations.

{ 7 } How long until our images will be ready?

The complete set of images will be available in the password protected online gallery approximately 12 weeks after the wedding.

{ 8 } How long have you been photographing weddings?

Matt has been photographing weddings since 2002.  Sarah joined Matt as his assistant in 2011.

{ 9 } Are you insured and do you have backup equipment?

Yes, we are insured and bring at least two of every piece of equipment to your wedding.

{ 10 } Are there any other details that we should consider?

You will be spending more time with your photographers than anyone else during your BIG day.  As you can imagine, this shows the importance of hiring a photography team whose creative style and personality compliments the vision that you have for your wedding story.

We would love to meet with you to discuss your wedding details and any other questions that you might have for us.  We can't wait to hear how your story began!  Please contact us today to see if we have your wedding date available!  

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