Matthew Yeaton Photography | Home Owner & Agent Photography Checklist

Photography Preparation Checklist


As you prepare your property for a professional photography session, please consider walking through your house with this checklist.  Look at your house like you are a potential buyer.  What stands out to you?  Do you have too many decorations or maybe not enough?  Do you have too many personal items on display that will make it difficult for potential buyers to think and dream of your house being their future home?  Is it obvious that you have pets?  Take a look at the list below and see what is applicable to each room in your house.  Click here to download the PDF version of this checklist.



  1. Mow the lawn
  2. Weed flower gardens
  3. Remove any dead plants
  4. Trim bushes, shrubs, hedges etc.
  5. Hide trash cans and recycling bins
  6. Put away garden hoses and lawn equipment
  7. Put away outside toys
  8. Remove cars from the driveway
  9. Clean pool and pool area
  10. Sweep driveway, walkways, decks, stairs and patios
  11. ​Clean and straighten outdoor furniture
  12. Be sure all exterior lights are working for twilight photographs 

General Interior

  1. Dust and remove cobwebs
  2. Vacuum carpets
  3. Sweep hard surface flooring
  4. Turn on every light and replace any burned out light bulbs
  5. Clean windows
  6. Clean curtains, blinds and other window treatments
  7. Turn off all ceiling fans
  8. Move any pets to an area of the house that will not be photographed
  9. Hide any objects that show that you have pets (food and water dishes, crates, litter box, etc)
  10. ​Hide holiday and seasonal decorations
  11. Hide personal photographs
  12. Straighten artwork and other wall decorations


  1. Hide toilet brush, plunger and waste basket
  2. Clear off all countertop space
  3. Remove items from the back of the bathroom door
  4. Remove hand towels or choose neutral colored towels that do not attract too much attention
  5. Clear out shower items if the shower is to be photographed
  6. Close toilet seat and remove seat cover if applicable


  1. Declutter night stands, dressers, bureaus, etc
  2. ​Remove items from the back of the bedroom door
  3. Make the bed
  4. Make sure the closets are neat and tidy, including the floor
  5. Be sure that items stored under the bed are covered and out of sight
  6. Hide any waste baskets
  7. For safety reasons, remove children's names if they appear on anything in their room.
  8. Hide extension cords and power cords
  9. Hide personal photographs
  10. Hide laundry basket


  1. Clear off desktop and other work surface areas
  2. Hide extension cords and power cords
  3. Hide the trash can or waste basket
  4. Organize and put away any paperwork
  5. Adjust books and items on bookshelves


  1. Remove everything from the sinks
  2. Hide trash can
  3. Clear countertop surfaces including sponges, soap, utensils, etc
  4. Hide as many countertop appliances as possible
  5. Put away dish towels
  6. Remove magnets, photographs, and papers from the refrigerator
  7. Clear off the top of the refrigerator
  8. Straighten table and chairs if their is an eat in area in the kitchen
  9. Clean off the table or add place settings if there is an eat in area in the kitchen

Living Room

  1. Straighten books, movies, CD's and other items on open bookshelves
  2. Straighten and adjust couch and chair cushions
  3. Hide remote controls
  4. Place a fresh stack of wood in an open fireplace
  5. Straighten any area rugs

Dining Room

  1. Straighten table and chairs
  2. Clear off table or add place settings

Basement / Garage

  1. Clean and organize boxes and bins
  2. Make sure that there is a clear path to the oil tank, furnace, boiler, water heater, water pump etc