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MYP came highly recommended to us by a client of ours. We had long been in need of a professional photographer for pictures of our finished work, but had yet to work with one. Matt easily walked the delicate line between being completely professional yet also warm and friendly, and was easy and fun to work with. He made the entire experience a breeze! He took great care in asking us exactly what we were looking for to ensure he delivered the finished product we envisioned, and we are thrilled with the results. Matt not only has excellent photography skills, he has a gift. We will continue to use Matt for our real estate photography needs, and I highly recommend his services.

Jonathan Powell - Outside In Construction, Inc.

Real estate marketing requires a sharp eye for presentation and Matthew has it. Providing professional photos to my clients allows me to distinguish their property and ensure more views on every internet platform. More than this, Matthew allows for a seamless session that is quick and painless. Not only would I recomend Matthew, I wouldn't let anyone sell my house without using a professional photographer.

Jaylan Archer - Bean Group


The photos you took of our home are outstanding, you captured the true beauty of the home, using proper lighting to bring out the best of each room.  Very professional, thank you for taking the time to put them in a proper sequence.  We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know that is selling a home.

Mike - Home Owner

Matt is fantastic.  He spends the time required to compose the shots and to get the lighting just right and he is very easy to deal with.  After seeing his photos of my house, I told the agent we should raise the price.

Leo - Home Owner

It is a real pleasure to work with Matt! He provides a high quality product in a short amount of time and at a competitive price. A typical shoot for an average sized home will take less than an hour, all the while Matt is able to give efficient instructions to help move the process along smoothly without taking any short cuts. Hiring Matt means I can make an appointment and let out a sigh of relief knowing a professional job will be done, which in turn drives more traffic to our listings and in the end helps to build my credibility as a listing agent.

Jesse Davies - Keller Williams Coastal Realty

I was blown away after seeing the photos of our home. Our house was a total renovation project and the pictures Matt took highlighted all of the hard work that was put into each room. We were running around like crazy trying to get everything ready to put our house on the market and Matt was calm, patient, and willing to work with us as we literally painted walls before photos were snapped. I am confident that the high quality photos were what generated tons of interest in our house, ultimately helping it to go under contract in just three days. Lots of people can call themselves "photographers" but Matt is the real deal - totally worth the investment and we will be telling anyone and everyone to consider him when selling a home.

Jaben and Carly - Home Owners